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The generic online shop for soulless AI-crafted design


Welcome to AI Mediocracy, your digital haven of quirkiness nestled within the sea of sameness. We revel in the wonderfully commonplace and curiously peculiar creations of artificial intelligence, using it to generate designs that simultaneously celebrate and critique the rise of AI in our daily lives.

Our prime focus? Backpacks, an everyday item elevated into a canvas for our AI to spin its tales of the mundane mixed with the bizarre. Every stitch in our array of backpacks tells a story of AI’s unpredictable forays into the world of design.

Generic t-shirt on an AI-created person. The perfect embodiment of AI Mediocracy.
AI-created photo

In a world where AI-authored content and design has become the norm, shaping our lives and interactions in often unnoticed ways, we aim to bring it to the foreground. We spotlight the weird, the quirky, the endearing idiosyncrasies of AI, offering a cheeky nod to its propensity to create something entirely out of the ordinary amidst the generic.

At AI Mediocracy, we’re not just selling a product, we’re presenting a narrative that’s been algorithmically woven into the fabric of our merchandise. It’s a unique blend of the familiar and the uncanny, a testament to how the commonplace becomes extraordinary when viewed through the lens of AI.

By openly embracing AI-generated content, we invite you into the oddly amusing realm of AI’s creativity (or lack thereof), showcasing how AI design and writing has stealthily become our everyday. We’re not out to make waves or stand out; we’re here to blend in, showing that the peculiar can often be found within the ordinary.

So, delve with us into the strange allure of AI Mediocracy. Uncover the peculiar charm hidden within the seemingly mundane, marvel at the whimsical quirks of AI’s creativity, and question the influence of AI and digital media on our lives. Welcome to our vision of the future, where the ordinary is jazzed up with AI’s weird touch, and the predictably unpredictable becomes the norm. Embrace the comfortably odd, the everyday strange, and celebrate the wonderfully weird world of AI Mediocracy.

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