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Immerse yourself in the peculiar universe of the “Astrofish” backpack, a unique creation from the AI Mediocracy collection that seamlessly fuses the aquatic and the astronomical in the most unremarkable way.

In an alternate dimension where fish traverse the cosmos, a school of intergalactic salmon found themselves in a predicament. As they journeyed through the star-studded seas, they realized their fins were ill-equipped for toting their celestial gear. They needed a practical solution that could withstand their space-faring escapades while subtly complementing their fishy aesthetic.

Enter our AI. Nestled deep within the backlands of AI Mediocracy, our bunnysuit-clad computer overlords rose to the challenge. They created an utterly generic design inspired by these fishy tales of cosmic voyages.

Behold, the “Astrofish” backpack – the embodiment of unremarkable space-fish fashion.

Sturdy as an extraterrestrial trout, this backpack is constructed from 100% polyester with a fabric weight of roughly 325 g/m². Measuring 41 cm in height, 31 cm in width, and 14 cm in diameter, it provides ample room for all your terrestrial or interstellar essentials. The backpack boasts a capacity of 20 liters and can support a maximum weight of 20 kg.

The water-resistant material ensures it’s fit for terrestrial downpours or nebula mists. Inside, you’ll find a large pocket housing a separate compartment for a 15” laptop, alongside a hidden zipper pocket on the back for your most confidential fishy affairs. The top zipper comes equipped with two sliders, each attached to a zipper puller for ease of access.

The interior boasts a silky lining, piped hems, and a soft mesh back for comfort during your travels. The padded ergonomic bag straps, made from polyester, feature plastic strap regulators for effortless adjustments.

Embark on your unexceptional journey with the “Astrofish” backpack, and become part of an interstellar fishy tale that is as absurd as it is generic.

Your generic masterpiece is crafted on-demand; please allow for a 2-5 business day processing time before shipping.

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