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Presenting “The Flori-Gen”, your laptop’s new best friend and the embodiment of AI Mediocracy’s unpretentious appeal. Adorned with the most generic of flower patterns, this laptop sleeve is AI Mediocracy’s playful nod to every dime-a-dozen floral design you’ve ever seen.

The backstory? A day in the life of our AI designer, processing mundane flora data sets and regurgitating it into a predictable floral pattern, oozing with an intentional lack of creativity. It’s the hallmark of our algorithm’s dedication to generic design, the art of intentionally being just like everything else. “The Flori-Gen” sleeve is the result of that monotonous Wednesday afternoon, a testament to our commitment to embrace and celebrate the delightfully generic.

Crafted from 100% neoprene, this laptop sleeve promises a snug fit for your cherished device. It’s lightweight, and defies water, oil, and heat – because even in the world of mediocrity, practicality takes the center stage. It’s as functional as it is generic, and as protective as it is aesthetically bland.

The faux fur interior lining softly cradles your laptop, offering the kind of comfort that makes you forget about the banality of the exterior design. The sleeve features a top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders and a padded zipper binding to prevent any scratch marks, because we’re about as serious about protecting your laptop as we are about our love for inauthentic, unoriginal designs.

“The Flori-Gen” laptop sleeve: a perfect blend of ordinary aesthetics and extraordinary functionality, ready to make your tech life as comfortably average as it gets. Because, at the end of the day, who needs standout design when you can blend in with machine-generated genericness?

Keep in mind that it takes 2-5 business days for processing before your spectacularly unremarkable masterpiece is shipped.

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Length (cm)34.337.3
Width (cm)26.728.5
Height (cm)1.51.5