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Immerse yourself in the depths of AI Mediocracy with our “Light-Howsoever” pillow, featuring an AI-generated lighthouse design as average as it is unremarkable.

Picture this: an AI, deep in the throes of its computational daydreams, develops a peculiar fascination with lighthouses. It churns out design after design, each one more generic than the last, until it finally arrives at the epitome of mediocrity – the “Light-Howsoever” lighthouse. So perfectly average, it could seamlessly blend into any coastline in the world and remain blissfully unnoticed.

This pillow, crafted from 100% pre-shrunk polyester, mirrors the steadfast reliability of the lighthouses it portrays. The fabric, with a weight of around 275 g/m², hints at the tactile appeal of linen, all while retaining the durability of polyester.

Like a secret entrance into the lighthouse, the pillow features a hidden zipper, keeping its interior guarded from the daily grind. Furthering its practical appeal, the case is machine-washable, making its upkeep as straightforward as a lighthouse’s blinking pattern.

Introduce the “Light-Howsoever” pillow to your living space – an ode to the overlooked lighthouses guiding our AI-generated journey through the seas of mundanity. Let it stand as a beacon of the banal, a comfort in the commonplace, and a testament to the power of AI in crafting the perfectly mediocre.

Your generic masterpiece is created on-demand; please allow for a 2-5 business day processing time before shipping.

Sizing is in inches:
18″ x 18″ = 45 cm x 45 cm
20″ x 12″ = 50 cm x 30 cm
22″ x 22″ = 56 cm x 56 cm

Weight N/A