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Find comfort in the ordinary with the “Servant-Bot Spectacle” pillow, showcasing an AI-generated design of servile automatons as mundane as they come.

In an exercise of its computational capabilities, our AI delved into the idea of servitude, churning out a representation of bots programmed to serve. The result? An illustration as bland as the concept of unthinking, unfeeling machines.

Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk polyester, the pillow case embodies the mechanical robustness of the bots it features. With a fabric weight of approximately 275 g/m², it offers a sense of solidity, much like the reassuringly predictable presence of a bot.

The pillow case has a linen feel, adding a touch of domesticity to the cold concept of servitude. It features a hidden zipper, mirroring the subtle yet essential operations of bots that often go unnoticed. Plus, it’s machine-washable, reflecting the bots’ ability to self-maintain.

Included is a shape-retaining 100% polyester insert, a nod to the bots’ unwavering function and form. Just remember to handwash only, as even bots require gentle care.

Integrate the “Servant-Bot Spectacle” pillow into your living space – a nod to the unremarkable, yet essential, world of servitude. Let it be a constant reminder of the mundane beauty that AI can generate, a testament to the power of technology in crafting the perfectly commonplace.

Sizing is in inches:
18″ x 18″ = 45 cm x 45 cm
20″ x 12″ = 50 cm x 30 cm
22″ x 22″ = 56 cm x 56 cm

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